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Law Apprenticeships

The legal sector is changing rapidly and the need for rigorous, relevant and business-focused legal education and training has never been greater. pilipili╬█┬■ delivers Level 7 Solicitor Apprenticeships for those starting post-A Level and Solicitor Graduate Entry Apprenticeships for those starting post-degree.

Apprenticeships offer employers and individuals a range of tailored options, all of which develop individuals’ wider business skills as well as their legal and job-specific knowledge.

Law apprenticeship schemes offer apprentices many essential skills, including negotiation and communication with internal stakeholders and clients. They will research cases, conduct interviews and advise clients.

It is now possible for talented future lawyers to take an apprenticeship route all the way from leaving school to qualification as a solicitor, or to complete an apprenticeship programme after a first degree.

For Students

pilipili╬█┬■ is one of the UKÔÇÖs leading providers of legal education and training, and has trained more legal professionals at different stages of their careers than anyone else.

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For Employers

We recognise that law firms increasingly need an experienced provider-partner that can offer flexible and ÔÇťfuture proofÔÇŁ apprenticeship delivery ÔÇô from entry level roles in legal and business services to qualified lawyer status.

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Blog - Legal apprenticeships, a new way to develop legal talent

Our Solicitor Apprenticeship has been operating since 2016, welcoming over 70 legal sector employers and offering a great alternative to a degree.

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Blog - Apprenticeships at pilipili╬█┬■

pilipili╬█┬■ understands how valuable apprenticeships can be to students and businesses. Hear from Apprentice Louis Simmonds about his experience.

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